Choose a unique silk, satin or lace robe. Various types of tiles, diverse material combinations and unique lengths.

It can be an exclusive gift for your partner as well

Additionally, there are special bridal gowns in beautiful colors (even in your choice) and in multiple sizes.

Also unique handmade bridesmaid dresses from premium materials.

Gorgeous bridesmaid robe: The perfect gift

There is nothing more beautiful than gifting your beloved friends with a unique or customized named robe that stays in their memory forever, a real treasure; and by the way, an extraordinary lifelong photo series can also be included of you and your friend(s).
The package contains: uniquely customized box, named greeting card, chipset, hair rubber and the exclusive robe.

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They wrote this about us

She loves it 🙂
I’ve been asked to tell you…

“I love it, it’s so beautiful! I feel so pretty wearing it, thank you so much!”

thanks for making her day 🙂

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